Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--Product Placement...OF THE FUTURE!!

The Image sci-fi comic Southern Cross has some fake ads at the back--recruitment ads for the ficitonal "Zemi Corporation," for eample.

But they also have some ads that are, well, less fake:

Yes, Oliver Kult is a real, well-known hair stylist. And yes, Layrite is an actual hair pomade you can buy even today. Although I doubt any is actually available on "the rigs of Titan" or the "mines of Ceres."

Yes, so the creators are doubtless making some dollars off of the "real" fake ads--or is it real "fake" ads? So what? More power to them. It's sorta kinda cleverly tied into the fictional universe, and is no more offensive than a Hostess ad.

And then there is this:


Honestly, how can you not? Because damn, they are awesome!

And so is Southern Cross, which you all should be reading.

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