Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mad Rick Jones--Fury Road!

Because on some rainy Sunday mornings... need to see Rick Jones, Kang, and the Kree Supreme Intelligence swooping in to save the day, loaded for bear on a time-traveling, dimension hopping "Supreme-Cycle."

Because goddamn, I love comics.

BTW, I might have missed something...but I'm pretty sure that Rick Jones has never had his own comic book. Am I wrong, did I miss some one-shot title sometime?

I mean, even flipping Snapper Carr got his own dang one-shot, as leaser of The Blasters.

Rick Jones: There at the birth of the Hulk, and the birth of the Avengers; he was Captain America's partner; he kinda saved the whole universe during the Kree-Skrull War, and the several universes during the Destiny War; he hung out with ROM; he's been bonded with two different Captain Marvels; he hung with Hulks grey and green; he's run an organization for wayward teen super-heroes; he's actually been both a Hulk and an Abomination; he's had a successful career as author and rock star and TV talk show host. Plus, he rides a Supreme-Cycle with Kang and the Supreme Intelligence.

This is a dude who has touched virtually every corner of the Marvel Universe (and, conveniently for certain Marvel/Disney butthead executives, not too much interaction with the FF/X-Men/Spider-Man branches). Yet Rick Jones has had not one mention in an MCU film, and he's never had his own damned comic book.

Look, Marvel, when this whole Secret Wars square dance at done, you could do a lot worse than to give Rick Jones his own title as a Rosetta Stone for your new-fangled/refurbished/refreshed/don't-you-dare-say-rebooted universe.

From Avengers Forever #10 (1999)


Mista Whiskas said...

Ugh, I for one am happy to see Rick Jones gone. I always saw him as a cheap ploy to try to 'connect with the young people'/slash wish fulfillment (the job of most teen sidekicks, hey teen reading this comic, this guy stands for you going along the ride with your favorite hero every step of the way!).

snell said...

Au contraire, Mista Whiskas. Rick Jones first role, in Hulk, was to try and atone for his teenage prank, which caused Banner to turn into the Hulk. He tried to protect Banner, and cure the Hulk--hardly teen sidekick wish fulfillment. Rick's motivation was guilt, not "gee, can I come along!'