Sunday, May 3, 2015

Self-Awareness Sunday: I Am Shocked--SHOCKED--To Find A Crisis In This Establishment!!

From this week's Justice League #40:

So, this little commentary saying that the DC Universe had had too many crises, that it's hurting the universe's cohesion, that it's been done too often, that the DC Universe cannot survive another crisis?

That was written by Geoff Johns.

The same Geoff Johns who wrote Infinite Crisis.

The same Geoff Johns who wrote Flashpoint.

The same Geoff Johns who had Superboy-Prime "punch the universe" to rearrange continuity to his liking.

The same Geoff Johns who bent logic and reality to restore his favorite characters to life.

The same Geoff Johns who is, in the very comic just scanned, starting yet another "crisis" with "The Darkseid War." Geoff Johns critiquing himself, and his body of work? Or is he just displaying a ridiculous amount of chutzpah?

Or, perhaps, is he just totally unaware of the ridiculous irony of what he just wrote?

"Reality has been taken apart and put back together too many times"??? Physician, heal thyself!!

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