Monday, May 25, 2015

Manic Memorial Day--Stand. Your. Ground.

[For Memorial Day (and mostly because I'm lazy), I'd like to represent my favorite Captain America moment. Take it away, snell of 2008!]

Since we're now less than three weeks away from the debut of the new Captain America, I figure that this a good opportunity to present my favorite Captain America moment EVER.

Setting the scene: 2003 (our time). In the Eastern European nation of Slokovia, a movement worshiping Thor and Asgard has taken hold among the populace. The ruling junta doesn't like this, and targets the Thor followers for genocide. They pray to Thor for help, and he brings down the host of Asgard.

To counter, the junta buys a lot of advanced weaponry from Dr. Doom (Protip: don't do this, small countries). All the surrounding countries are getting nervous, as are the US and Russia. Doom is using his ability to remotely control the weapons to ratchet up the situation. The Pentagon sends Iron Man in to intercede with Thor, but America has troops massed at the border in case that fails. Russia has bombers in the air, with orders to blow up everybody if the US gets involved. World War III is imminent, as Doom chuckles. And it's all up to Cap to prevent it:

Like waiting for the American Idol voting

Damn right!Ladies and gentleman, that is Captain Freakin' America.

Geoff Johns and Alan Davis show us who wears the pants in the U.S. military in Avengers #63 (or 478, whatever floats your boat), 2003.

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SallyP said...

And that is why you don't mess with Cap.