Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It Must Have Been A Slooooow News Day In Metropolis

Clark Kent is on perhaps the greatest assignment ever:

So Morgan Edge sends his top reporter all the way to Montana...to cover graduation exercises for a rodeo school?

Hard-hitting journalism, WGBS. Pulitzer stuff there.

Meanwhile, Clark gets all proto-PETA:

That's it, Clark--stick it to the man by sneaking a few snide comments in there!! That'll bring down the system!!

(Of course, if you really oppose rodeos, a few "caustic comments" from, say, Superman, might be more effective. Just sayin.'

BONUS FACT: Vigilante is considerably taller than Clark Kent!!

From World's Finest Comics #214 (1972)


Bill said...

It's the boots

SallyP said...

Definitely the boots.