Saturday, May 16, 2015

This Is Your Comic Book On Drugs! Any Questions?!?

So, as we saw yesterday, the Red Skull and the Kingpin are having a little bit of a tiff over turf--specifically, who gets to control the drug trade.

Now, you might think the treason that these titans of evil are interested in the narcotics profession is just to make money. Hahahahaha...boy are you naive!

You see, there are very important philosophical reasons the Nazi and the gangster won't say no to drugs.

For example, the Skull says drugs will destroy America:

Whereas Wilson Fisk says that drugs will ultimately make America stronger!!

See, and you just thought it was all about greed and profit!!

So make sure you take time this weekend to roll up to your local pusher and ask him which reason he has for dealing--to make America weaker, or stronger? His answer might surprise you...

[By the way, there's still plenty of time for you to saunter over to Spacebooger's crib and vote for the titanic (and nearly-naked) Kingpin/Red Skull tussle in this week's Friday Night Fights!]

From Captain America #378 (1990)

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