Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where's Dum Dum, Chapter 2!!

It's time again for the hot new game that's sweeping the nation--Find Dum Dum!!

Can you find Dum Dum Dugan in this panel from Thor #337 (1983)?


In the spectacularly terrible Original Sin, we learned that Dum Dum Dugan died back in 1966--and every single appearance since was from an LMD that thought he was a real boy!!

And that includes the classic Walt Simonson run on Thor!! Yet another story marred by the world's worst retcon!

Sorry, folks--try again tomorrow!!


googum said...

Weren't most of those Nick Fury appearances LMD's too, then; since he was off in space?

snell said...

The Original Sin story left that frighteningly vague, saying, for example, that for most of the time, "Monday through Thursday, I'd be spying on hippies and commies for the CIA, but come Friday..." The implication is that he managed to do both for quite awhile, using LMD's to occasionally fill in Earthside, at least until the Infinity Formula ran out...and no, they don't tell us when that was, so they can just handwave away any continuity questions.