Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Save A Jet Airliner Without Leaving Your Seat!

How powerful is Superboy?

So powerful that he doesn't even have to get off his butt to save a plane!!

Clark and the Kents are flying to Coast City to visit relatives...and of course, Clark has to play up the "timid passenger" bit...

Ah, but sitting next to Clark? Now there's a guy who is not scared to fly!!

Wait a minute..."Harold"? Going to Coast City? Wearing a leisure suit??? Oh, man that's not Hal Jordan, is it?

Yes, it is.

Of course, on the way disaster strikes:

Well, it's just as well that Jordan isn't Green Lantern yet--a yellow plane hit by yellow lightning?!? Nothing he could do.

Still, he's not scared...

But it's going to be up to Superboy to save their bacon!

But how?!?

"Super-Force"?!?! What the hell?!? He's somehow carrying the entire airplane--by one seat?!?

I guess he is!!


Man, even when he was a kid, I wanted to slug Hal...

OK, from now, on, let's everyone call him Harold Jordan. That'll probably tick him off...

Superboy rescues a plane by not moving a muscle in The New Adventures Of Superboy #13 (1981)


Britt Reid said...

"...Wearing a leisure suit???"

That's not a "leisure suit".
A leisure suit has a shirt-style jacket.
That was just a typical 70s wide-lapel business suit.

SallyP said...

Oh Hal. It's a good thing you are so pretty, because most people just want to slap you.

I am impressed by Clark's magic buttocks however.

Anonymous said...

Geoff Johns actually made a joke out of that once, if I remember right. Hal's dad introduces him to a guard at the Air Force base as "Harold" and from then on the guard calls him "Harold" or even "little Harold" every time he sees him...for the next twenty years.

Usually causing the person accompanying Hal to convulse with silent giggles and mouth "Harold?" as if it's the dumbest thing they ever heard.

Mista Whiskas said...

Reason #3456789 that I thank Goodness I did not grow up reading comics in the Silver Age.