Saturday, September 20, 2014

Don't Let Riverdale Girls Set Your Clocks!!

It's 1965--the height of Beatlemania!!

Let's see how that's impacting the teenage ladies of Riverdale...

See, if we call them Beetles instead of Beatles, well...say, why the hell are we doing this, guys?

Anyway, the gals' obsession goes well beyond slang:

Look, Pops, I know you're sequestered in your nice, safe Archie-verse...but really, that's not too bad a manifestation of Beatle Beetlemania!


But...but...wait....if you're setting your watches 5 hours 11AM Riverdale time it would be 4PM Liverpool time! If you set your watches to 6AM Liverpool time, it would be 1AM Riverdale time!!

This makes no sense (unless, of course, Riverdale is in Kazakhstan)!! You're doing it backwards!!!!!

Still at least we can now confirm that Riverdale is in the eastern portion of the USA, at least by what the joke intended to say, right?. Tough luck, California...

The moral: Never let the ladies of Riverdale (or the authors & editors of Archie Comics) set your clocks or make your travel plans!

From Pep #181 (1965)


Zontar said...

It has been said that Riverdale is based on Haverhill Mass. That would make the river the Merrimack.

Alan Wright said...

Wow, it'd be wise not to piss off Veronica when she has fingernails that pointy and sharp. She'd just might cut a bitch!