Monday, September 29, 2014

Manic Monday--The Dredd That Never Was

1987 was a happier time...a more optimistic era...a time when we could dream of things like this:

Where'd this come from?

You see, 2000 AD had just announced...

 Oh, so bright and optimistic! How could they know what was really to come??

And that particular poster?

A fan-submitted poster by Danny Cannon in 2000 AD #534 (1987). So full of hope and promise--Ridley Scott? Harrison Ford?!? Music by Peter Gabriel???

But be careful of what you wish for. Because 8 years later, that exact same Danny Cannon would be the one to direct this:

That is an irony so horrifying it should have been in an EC comic book.

So let that be the moral of the story--don't get too excited when they announce that one of your favorite characters is being made into a film--or you may one day find yourself directing a much-reviled, terrible version of it. It happened before, it can happen again...

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