Monday, September 22, 2014

Manic Monday--The Future Of Amazon Prime Shipping?!?

Amazon got a lot of cheap publicity last year when everyone took seriously (and went nuts reporting breathlessly) that Amazon was ready start implementing same day delivery of package by drones.

But I have found the real secret of Amazon's future shipping practices:

We start when poor invalid child Timmy somehow gets all of his toys to come to his bed:

Well, Mom assumes that Timmy is kind of nuts...

So Dad tries to help Timmy get his head on straight, but...

Oh, come on now, Mom...that is pretty cool!

(Also, we'll forgive a Dad in 1958 not knowing the distinction between telekinesis and teleportation.)

Well, after much folderol (Dad's boss, sensing the get-rich-quick possibilities, agrees to pay for surgery for Timmy in exchange for his becoming a performing monkey; the surgery is a success but it's discovered that Timmy's "teleportation" won't work if it's used "selfishly"), Dad sets up a major corporation, and...

Wow, sending countless packages "anywhere" (in the country? The world?) is a quantum leap more powerful than transporting a toy across a room...maybe this kid should be in the X-Men!

But that's pretty much how Amazon got it's start...really!?!?

BONUS: Mutation runs in the family, as Timmy's dad has freakishly long fingers!!

Dick Ayers drew that finger (and the rest of the story) in Do You Believe In Nightmares #2 (1958)

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