Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Before They Were Illuminati Style!

No time for words today--just fighting!! Friday Night Fighting!!

Hank McCoy has just transformed into the furrier version of himself that we know and love. Meanwhile, Iron Man is snooping around the Brand Corporation because his psychic girlfriend had a bad feeling about McCoy's girlfriend (spoiler alert: she was right).

So, since it's Marvel in the 1970s, when these heroes meet, they must...FIGHT!!!


Spacebooger wonders why it took so much longer for them to figure out grey was a dumb color for the Beast than it took them to figure out grey was a dumb color for the Hulk...

Man-machine vs. beast-man is from Amazing Adventures #12 (1972), as reprinted in Avengers #136 (1975), by Steve Englehart, Tom Sutton and Mike Ploog

Now is the time to go and vote for my fight.Why? I'm to busy to tell you--you decide! Now go vote!!


Bovomeris said...

Has anyone done the fight in JLA 33
Kilowog v. Guy Gardner?
Might be a bit long, takes up most of the comic.
Still way better than any others I have seen so far, could be a winning ticket for the next bout/round

Bovomeris said...

Or Hulk 340