Monday, September 15, 2014

Manic Monday--What's In A Hero's Name?

They sure don't name heroes like they used to:

Quentin Durward?

This is actually from an 1823 novel by Sir Walter Scott, so I guess we can forgive him for not running the hero's name past a focus group. Still, Quentin Durward?

The plot involved a Scottish archer who had gone to serve in the French army under Louis XI, and his struggles to protect (and marry) noblewoman Isabelle de Croye during a tiff between Louis and some noblemen.

This particular comic is an adaptation of a 1955 MGM film adaptation of the book, as back in those days Hollywood could make films that weren't just reboots and sequels:

No one has heard of this movie, as it was a fairly big bomb, reportedly losing more than $1.2 million. Which has to be due, if you ask me, to calling it The Adventures of Quentin Durward. Because, really, is that a hero's name? Would you have gone to see Die Hard if had been titled Quentin Durward? I'm sure Guardians of the Galaxy would have bombed, too, had Star Lord been named Quentin Durward instead of Peter Quill.

There was also a 1971 French/German television series based on Scott's novel, starring Amadeus August as Durward.

Amadeus August?!?! Now there is a hero's name!!

From Four Color #672 (1956)


Martin Gray said...

'Quentin Durward' never struck me as especially odd, just uncommon. And given the variety of names in North America, no problem (and what's with the obsession with Jrs and IIIs?).

Tim Knight said...

A classic from my childhood, thank you very much.

snell said...

Tim--you were around in 1823?!?

Tim Knight said...

Ha ha, no I realised after I posted that comment that it could read like that ;-)

No, it was one of my mum's favourite movies and she got me to watch it whenever it came on TV and I've always been a sucker for swashbucklin' flicks anway!

(Also I'm surprised you didn't mention the brilliant wheeze of releasing the movie of Princess Of Mars as John Carter)

Britt Reid said...

Why they didn't release it as John Carter and the Princess of Mars or John Carter and the Warlords of Mars was beyond me.
After all, Indiana Jones and... titles sold pretty well...