Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Night Fight--Kraven Dance Party Style!!

It's the money round of Friday Night Fights, so please pay attention--I need the cash!!

Flash Thompson has enlisted in the army, and the gang is having a party to celebrate before he goes off to Vietnam!

And you can't have a 1967 party without watching swinging chicks dancing, John Romita style!!

I would gladly read an entire comic--hell, an entire year of comics--that consisted of nothing but Romita-drawn ladies dancing!

But there's always a party-crasher:

See, Kraven is looking to kidnap Harry Osborn, so he can get revenge on Norman Osborn, whom Kraven thinks is a flunky of the Green Goblin's, because Kraven thinks the Goblin disrespected and cheated him!

Whew...long story short, the dance party is now a fight party!!

Editor's note: Kraven's rays "magnetizes" his prey's "muscular electrolytes"!! Thanks, Stan, for inventing tasers (Silver Age style) a few decades early!

Well, Kraven gets distracted by Norman Osborn before he can administer the killing blow, and takes off to fight Spidey again the next couple of issues. Still, a pretty clear Kraven win!!

Spacebooger wanted to know what song(s) MJ and Gwen were dancing to, but then he realized that it really didn't matter.

Kraven's Dance Party is courtesy of Amazing Spider-Man #47 (1967), by Stan Lee and John Romita

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why?!? Because if you don't, Kraven might magnetize your muscular electrolytes!! So go and vote!!


SallyP said...

I'm still trying to get around the idea that they are...celebrating the fact that Flash is going off to War.

notintheface said...

Wait, he's bragging beating his opponent by using a paralysis ray? Talk about desperate!

Martin Gray said...

I'm with Sally. Deeply weird,