Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fat-Shaming Spider-Man!

The following letter appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #47 (1967), criticizing Peter Parker's appearance in an earlier issue:

Because I love you all so much, I dug up the panel in question, from Amazing Spider-Man #43 (1966):

Well, John Romita doesn't draw him as thin as Ditko did.

But fat?!? Foggy Nelson's twin brother???

Fortunately, for comparison's sake, this very same issue had a cameo by Foggy Nelson, also drawn by Romita. Let's compare, shall we?

Not even close. Sorry, Johnny Fisher of Ringwood, OK, but you're wrong. Even though Peter is slightly huskier than you're used to, he's nowhere near as big as Foggy (who, by the way, doesn't seem particularly fat here, either). So thanks for the gratuitous weight-shaming!

BTW, here's the response:

A chubby, roly-poly arachnid would be cute!


SallyP said...

If you had to eat three pounds of Aunt May's Wheatcakes every morning, you'd be a bit on the chubby side too!

JohnnyBob said...

Some more of that dancing with Gwen and Mary Jane should sort out the extra pounds.

Martin Gray said...

I wonder if anyone was flattened because Matt was good enough to give Spidey first crack at the Rhino?