Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things We Learned About The Marvel Universe This Week!

What did we learn about the Marvel Universe this week?

We learned why the Pope (probably) hates Thor:

Because he's just too tempting for nuns...

We learned that there are serious deficiencies in the educational system:

Yeah, I do imagine it's tough for teachers to keep up with the constantly changing history & science. Do you think they cover the Celestials in biology class?

[Aside: This was the single best issue of Thor in years. Do yourselves a favor--read it]

We also learned that I have much more in common with Maria Hill than I thought:

Hey, she's a Wolverine!!

Funny, though, how throughout Bendis never refers to the University Of Michigan, just "Ann Arbor" or "the campus at Ann Arbor." Why be coy? Like you're afraid U of M is going to sue you over being mentioned in a comic book? Or maybe in Marvel-616 some other college is in Ann Arbor...which, I guess, would explain the educational deficiencies noted above.

Oh, and we learned one more thing about the Marvel Universe last week:


We learned that snooty S.H.I.E.L.D. can go $%&# itself.

"Because it's Michigan." Why, I oughtta....

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SallyP said...

Ha! DC isn't afraid to mention the University of Michigan! That's where Guy Gardner went!