Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Day Of No News

It's a slow news day in Metropolis, and Morgan Edge isn't happy about it:

So our intrepid reporters go try to find some news. But...

In the entire city? Really?



So, no news in the entire city!!

I guess that would would be news in and of itself, no?

No, I guess not. And instead of, say, hopping over to Gotham to help fight crime there, Lois and Superman go on a romantic boat trip and end of traveling to the far future to overthrow the tyrannical Upmen who use an alien drug to oppress the Downmen, because drugs are bad and it's not at all a strained analogy to 1971's drug issues. All because "militants" feeding slum children milk isn't news. The end.

From Lois Lane #117 (1971)

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