Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Night Fights--Even An Android Can Kick Ass Style!!

OK, so my "Shang-Chi and Moon Knight team up against robot mummy with laser eyes" fight got trounced last week.


So let's bring out the big guns for this week's Friday Night Fights, shall we?

Long time readers know of my undying affection for the Fantastic Four. And they also know that, unquestionably, the Vision is radder than you think.

So what happens when my two great tastes come together?

Klaw and the Mad Thinker have teamed up, because comics, to destroy the FF. And their method? Use Klaw's solid sound constructs and some surreptitious reprogramming from Thinker, to make the Vision believe that Marvel's First Family had kidnapped Wanda and was planning to kill her.

So movie night at the Baxter Building becomes fight night as the Vision sneaks in and takes Sue out offscreen...

Well, that's it, fight ove--what?!?

Oh, yeah, it's on like Donkey Kong!


[SPOILER ALERT: The Vision got better. The villains were trounced. Ben had a Strohs.]

Spacebooger is beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe, the Vision might just be a little bit rad.

You know who are not in doubt about the Vision's radness? Roger McKenzie, Rick Leonardi and Josef Rubinstein in Marvel Fanfare #14 (1984), that's who!!

Now is the time for you to go and vote in my fight. Why? After my defeat last week, my spirits need picking up. So vote!!!


Mr. Whiskas said...

There is a tendency to not take the FF's powers seriously and have various characters trance them (usually so Reed can later use his intelligence to defeat them). I realize the Vision can alter his body to become as 'hard as a diamond' but I imagine a guy that can press 85 tons over his head could shatter such a diamond body. And the Torch is almost always take out too easily, his 'nova heat' would turn the Vision into a milkshake.

snell said...

Everything you say is true, Whiskas, except you fail to take into account that the Vision is radder than you think...