Thursday, September 5, 2013

The More Things Change...

From the house ad in this week's DC titles:

Once more, with feeling?

I'm ill-positioned to kvetch here, because I'm not a Green Lantern fan, and I don't read the books.

But isn't this the fourth (FOURTH!) time this year they've had an "epic" that "changed the Green Lantern Universe FOREVER"?!?

The Third Army, the First Lantern, Relic...and now Lights Out? And that's not counting prior year's epics that changed everything.

It must be tough to change the Green Lantern status quo so often, because there really is no status quo, just a continuous ebb and flow of multi-book crossovers intent on somehow topping the last "epic."

Here's a radical suggestion, DC: leave the Green Lantern Universe the same for awhile and just tell some stories.

Sigh...well, at least this time they might manage not to publish the epilogue before the final chapter...


SallyP said...

I AM a Green Lantern fan, and I must admit to being just a tad fed up with all of the epic changing forever stuff.

Does every single storyline have to be a crossover?

notintheface said...

I dropped the Green Lantern books about 4 or 5 "universe-changing epics" ago.