Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Life Was Hell In The Silver Age

As much as I like to complain about how awful everything is in the nu52, I've really got to acknowledge that DC's Silver Age wasn't exactly the bastion of light and goodness we all remember.

In fact, it was filled with jerkwads and scumbags.

Aqualad and Tula went to a rock concert, Tula got concussed fighting a man driven mad by experimental brain hormones, and is wandering around lost. But the hour they can be out of the water without croaking is almost up!!

So Garth turns to some fellow concert goers for help!


Lie to concerned boyfriends so you can have all of the women for yourselves?!? You can only succeed in your mating rituals by taking advantage lost girls? Eeew! (I'll give them the benefit of the doubt by acknowledging that they probably didn't realize Tula was suffering a brain injury, because otherwise we're dipping into Doctor Light territory...)

Well, since teen boys are scum, lets try asking some adults!

Yeah, those kids!! Just let her wander around dazed and dying!! Help her?!? Hell, it's probably her own fault, anyway!! Damned kids!!

Scumbags and jerkwads, I'm telling you...

From Teen Titans #30 (1970) as reprinted in DC Super Stars #7 (1976)

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