Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Nazi Is Nazier Than Your Nazi!!

Nobody like to have their costume declare their loyalties like Nazi villains. I mean, the Red Skull was seriously the most subtle of these guys.

Of course, the classic is...
Captain Nazi!!

But he was nothing compared to...

Baron Gestapo!!

But I think the winner has to be...

Captain Swastika!!

I mean, he wasn't at all confident enough to rely merely on the massive swastika on his chest. No, he had to emblazon his face with it, too. And you know what? It worked!!

Gee, how could you tell he was a Nazi?

Love the casual slacks.

Captain Swastika bedeviled the Hangman, both in his own magazine and in Pep, until he died.

But of course, no one dies forever. DC might have lost the licence to the MLJ heroes, but I guess Captain Swastika had slipped into public domain, because DC soon scooped him up to face the JSA:

Of course, the Hangman had plenty of other Nazi villains:

A Nazi monk!! A Nazi armored knight on horseback!!

Sadly, the cover lied to us, as neither of those guys appeared in the issue. But this gentleman did:

I hope you appreciate the restraint used to keep from making "spear and magic helmet" jokes.

Anyway, that's the Hunter, and yes, Geoff Johns revived him to face the JSA, too...when you want to gratuitously kill of a bunch of Golden Age heroes and their descendants, you need a lot of Nazis...sigh.

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