Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kyle Baker's Pre-Buttal To Current DC Comics

So, it's been a rough few days--hell a rough few months--for DC on the public relations front.

But, amidst all the controversies over creator relations, mishandled cover gimmicks, and rebooted Lobo, a very real thread needs a bit of illumination: DC's attitudes towards what a hero is.

DC believes that their comics are for 45-year-olds. DC believes that heroes must be grim and broody. DC believes that heroes must sacrifice their personal lives, and can never, ever be married.

Well allow me to present a rebuttal. Well, actually, a pre-buttal.

Kyle Baker's Plastic Man series was a gem. And amidst all the buffoonery, he made a fair number of jabs at DC's creative direction, which was becoming clear even in 2006.

And in #20, the last issue, he laid out the problems with Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis and other troubling DC trends.

At Billy Batson's funeral (don't ask), Mary Marvel's eulogy lays things out in a way that apply even more in 2013:

"We must set a worthy example."

Thank you, Kyle Baker.

Sadly, it's gotten worse since 2006.

At the most basic level, DC does not understand what a hero is.

And that is a problem that all of the #FireDiDio hashtags in the world won't solve.


Tim Knight said...

What a sly and brilliant piece. What on Earth(-Prime) is going on with DC???

SallyP said...

That was pretty brilliant, and thank you for bringing it back to our attention. Sadly, I think that you and Kyle are right, and things are getting worse, not better.

Heck, I'm older than 45, and I am sick to death of all the...death.

Martin Gray said...

Those heroines at the funeral really underline the point nicely.

Kelly Sedinger said...

"Don't ask"? Oh, I'm asking. Billy Batson's funeral? Huh-whuh?!

Anonymous said...

"Sivana blowing Billy full of holes was bad enough. Worse was when he invited Doctor Light over to do what Doctor Light does now. Like, that's Doctor Light's new power now."

snell said...

Kelly--ask and ye shall receive. Tune in Tuesday. (And Arynne has given you part of it...)