Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kang's Casting Agency?!?

OK, this is going to get confusing.

In July of 2000, Marvel put put a little "event" called Marvels Comics--an attempt to show what the comic books that were published in Marvel-616 would look like, and how those comics would go about portraying the "real" heroes of that world.

Very meta, and very confusing. We'll deal some more with some of those titles in future days. Today, though, on the letters page of Marvels Comics Fantastic Four #1--yes, faux letters in a faux comic from a faux universe...well, I guess the comic itself isn't faux since I'm holding it in my hands, but it's purported origin is faux--like I said, confusing.

Anyhoo, we've got a feature on the letters page:

So they're using the time platform to pluck any actor from any time in history, And whom did they come up with?

Well, some of those choices I like, some I don't. But I won't belabor you with my views. This is your chance to weigh in on a fictional movie about a fictional version of a fictional super-team....damn, this is hurting my head.

So weigh in---with no barriers in time or space, whom would you cast in the FF movie? Go!! [Note; there are certain answers that will gain you mega-nerd credits...but no one is likely to get them...]


Smurfswacker said...

Brando as the Thing seems to me the worst miscasting. I suppose they saw Brando as representing the brooding side of Ben Grimm's personality. But though he brooded, the original Lee & Kirby Thing was a high-spirited, blue-collar brawler with a short temper and a good heart. Since the actor's physical appearance wouldn't count, my choice for the perfect Thing would be William Bendix. Yes, William Bendix! Compare the characters he played in 1940s movies with the Kirby Thing. A great match.

The Mutt said...

Take the time platform back to 1968 and cast:

Reed - Martin Landau

Sue - Barbara Bain

Johnny - Kurt Russell

Thing - Sheldon Leonard

Doom - Hans Gudegast

Norm Donovan said...

Reed - Jimmy Stewart

Sue - Grace Kelly

Johnny - Kurt Russell (Disney era)

Ben - Paul Muni

Dr. Doom - Alan Rickman