Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Best Team-Up Comic EVER

If you're anything like me, I'll bet you've wondered this:

What if Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Neil Gaiman and Ian McKellen had to team up to save England from a faerie invasion?

Fortunately, we're not the only ones who wondered that:

In Action Lab's free--yes, free on Comixology--Order Of Dagonet #1, the fae folk return and taking over England:

Writer Jeremy Whitley (who also writes Princeless, so you know you're in good hands) concots a fake Wikipedia page to explain his (made up) special order of knighthood for those in the entertainment industry:

Amongst our noble "knights" are incomprehensible heavy metal rocker Dizzy Claiborne...

...and wizened actor William Tottington...

...who, amongst others luminaries (and celebrity analogues) are summoned by Merlin in a dream:

Oh, dear.

Look, the book made me laugh out loud several times. The art by Jason Strutz is pretty. There are some great supporting characters. It's a fun concept.

And the first issue, which is 48 pages, is FREE. You have nothing to lose by heading over to Comixology and downloading it (except, of course, you might get hooked, and the rest of the issues aren't free).

So do yourself a favor and read it, OK?

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