Thursday, June 6, 2013

An Architect Builds A Scary House

The recently concluded Daredevil: End Of Days mini-series is set at an indeterminate time in the future, after Daredevil has been killed by Bullseye.

During the course of the series, reporter Ben Urich dies, and amongst the condolences received by his family:

Wha hwa what?!?!?!

Now, this series was written by Bendis, and of course Peter and Kitty Pryde were an item in the Bendis-written Ultimate Spider-Man. But this series clearly doesn't take place in the Ultimate Universe. So is Bendis predicting--or foreshadowing?--that the two will become an item in Marvel-616?? He is An Architect, so maybe we should take that pretty seriously. Of course, it's possible it's some other Kitty...

[This would also suggest, of course, that the events of Superior Spider-Man are not permanent. Well, duh.]

Later in the issue, we overhear a newscast, covering the controversy over The Hand establishing itself as a tax-exempt church (A church of ninjas? Oh my!):

"Vice-President Osborne"?!?!?!?!

Again, we know that in the past, Bendis has had a fetish for making Osborn uber-powerful, going so far as to use the same damn storyline twice during his Avengers tenure.

So is Osborn going to rise a 3rd time, this time only a heartbeat away from the presidency?!? Is that possible? You'd dismiss this as a writer riding his favorite hobby horse in a hypothetical future...but this is An Architect, so his hypothetical hobby horses can easily become real nags.

So watch the future, folks...

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