Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday--Why Popeye Wasn't Allowed To Play In The U.S. Open!

A great injustice has arisen in the land.

All weekend, I heard one plaintive cry ringing throughout the land: Why wasn't Popeye allowed to play in the U.S. Open Golf Championship?

A fair question, friends.

The answer begins here, when Popeye finds Wimpy on his way to play some golf:

Well, you really shouldn't challenge Popeye's manhood like that!

Wagers result. And Popeye is so cocksure, he thinks he can beat Wimpy with only one club!

Well, on the first tee:

Well, Popeye tees up again, but...

That's true--the rules says you have to forfeit if you don't have any clubs.

But our man Popeye--he has an alternative!

Wimpy agrees, but perhaps he shouldn't have...

And that's why the fraidy cats of the PGA won't let Popeye play professional golf!

From Popeye #11 (1950), as reprinted in this week's Classic Popeye #11.


Ali Powers said...

What's the name of the comic this is from?

snell said...

It is from IDW's Classic Popeye #11. The series is reprinting the 1950s Dell Popeye, written & drawn by Bud Sagendorf.