Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday--The Tennesse Williams Age of Ultron!

Most people have forgotten this version of Ultron:

The angry, Southern, drunk old man robot languishing in a New Orleans bar, listening to jazz:

Bonus points: this version of Ultron actually appears in this mini-series, as opposed to the non-entity who hasn't ever appeared (aside from flashback) in a single panel of Age Of Days Of Future Ultrons Past.

This condition was caused by a computer virus unleashed by an alternate world's Vision (don't ask). By the end of the series, Ultron was still like this, his old personality and memories "irreversibly gone." [SPOILER ALERT--It wasn't so irreversible, after all]

So let's start a petition now for a return of the Tennessee Williams version of Ultron!!

From The Vision #1 (1994)

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