Monday, June 3, 2013

Manic Hair Day #3--The True Purpose Of Superman's "Spit Curl"

For some reason we're talking about Superman's hair all day today. Why? BECAUSE.

Anyway, one of the more distinctive features of Kal-El's hairdo is the "spit curl" that covers his big dopey forehead. But did you know that spit curl has a very specific and important purpose?

We start as Lois Lane decides that she absolutely has to figure out the secret method that Clark Kent uses to contact Superman:

Well, it turns out that Soviet spies are also trying to find out this information, and Lois Lane is unknowingly helping them!! Some smart reporter you are, Lois!

Well, after a full story of antics (X-ray binoculars!! Open manhole covers! Helicopter crashes!!) and unlikely coincidences (Trucks painted with lead paint driving by at the exact right moment! Enemy agents working at Galaxy Broadcasting!), Lois finally deduces precisely how Clark manages to contact Superman when there's trouble afoot:


 Lois, you completely pulled that out of your ass. I mean, really. I hope you did actual investigation and reporting when you won your Pulitzer, and didn't just make crap up like this.

But  there is a "real purpose" to the spit curl:

Oh, Clark...we all know the real reason that people don't recognize you as Superman, and the hair curl has nothing to do with it!

From Action Comics #446 (1975)

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SallyP said...

Is it possible that Lois is just pulling the other girl's leg...just a bit here?