Thursday, June 27, 2013

Same As The Old Metropolis

An odd meeting is going on at Galaxy Communications...

NEW Metropolis?

Wait--Bruce Wayne is building "New Metropolis"??? In heaven's name, why?

So, wait...Bruce Wayne is building New Metropolis right next to "old" Metropolis, to "empty the ghettos" and "siphon off excess population"?!? Talk about the ultimate gentrification plan!! Old Metropolis keeps all the desirable residents, the dregs go to New Metropolis? (And what, you can't come up with a better name?)

This is just some pie-in-the-sky type deal, though right? It's not actually going to actually happen, is it?

You've already raised a billion? That's in 1976 $, people...

One might think that Bruce's "build a new city to put all the riff raff in" planning might have start with, oh, I don't know, Gotham City.

Then again, after Man Of Steel, they probably need a New Metropolis pretty badly...

From World's Finest #235 (1976). This story involves real estate fraud, telepaths, carny geeks, Superman reading the news on WGBS, and actual ghosts in Smallville cemeteries. Bob Haney, folks.

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Siskoid said...

Maybe my next daily project should just be Haney Haney Haney all the time. The Chronological Haney or something.

Of course, I think my blog's comics featurea over the past 6 years is already like 20% Haney.