Monday, June 3, 2013

Manic Hair Day #1--The Origin Of The Dread Super-Mullet!!

For some reason, there's been a lot of discussion online of late regarding the "mullet" Superman wore back in the 90s.

Well, most of you don't realize that his hairstyle had a secret origin...back in the 1960s!!

Young Lex Luthor has found a scientific way to duplicate young Mxyzptlk's powers, and he sets out to bedevil Superboy:

Oh, yeah!! Accidental super-mullet!!

Fortunately, Superboy is one hero you can't stop by having hair in his eyes:

And young Kal-El adapts nicely to his dilemma...and looks rather smashing doing it:

...and from their on the hair is gone as Superboy is made to undergo a few more transformations.

But obviously, the memory of this event somehow echoed through the fabric of the post-Crisis DC Universe, and subtly influenced the recovery of Superman's body during his "death." Obviously.

Oh, here's a bonus panel for you:

Superboy, transformed into a jackass, using heat vision to carve KLTPYXM into the sidewalk. [SPOILER ALERT: It didn't work]

From Superboy #131 (1966)

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