Monday, June 3, 2013

Manic Hair Day #2--How Superman Shaves??

For some odd reason, there has been plenty of blather over the interwebs lately about how Superman shaves. Amazing what trivia will obsess people.

Especially when a far more important question is: What happens when Superman stops shaving?

This is an "imaginary story" (aren't they all...?), but I think it adequately establishes one important fact: at some point, Superman will just say "Frak it!' and stop shaving all together.


Yup, Superman becomes a feisty old grandpa, no longer worried about his appearance or personal hygiene (or, perhaps he's trying out for ZZ Top!).

So, instead of worrying about how Superman shaves, let's just be glad that he does. It could be far worse if he didn't:

Bonus panel: In case you're confused about the family tree in this story:

No mention of the wives' names, though...and it would kill you to name one of the scions Jonathan?

From Action Comics #327 (1965)

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Smurfswacker said...

Ever notice how in old comics all elderly men say "Heh, heh!"?