Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Wonder Woman #320 Makes My Brain Explode

I have a lot of obscure comic book knowledge stored in my noggin.

But the beauty part of comics is, there's always more to learn, always something that you didn't already know.

And sometimes that new knowledge will blow your mind.

Steve Trevor, for example. I mean, I already knew that he had a weird history. Died twice, resurrected twice, merged with other Trevors from the multiverse, and...well, weird.

But I had no idea how weird.

So I'm reading Wonder Woman #320 (1984), which comes right near the end of the book's pre-Crisis existence. And what do I find?


So,'re telling me that Steve Trevor had an invisible gremlin pal, who dressed like movie-era Captain Kirk and talked like Bug from the Micronauts, who buddied up with him for the better part of two years?!?!?

And no one ever told me this why?!? Seriously, how could I not have known this?

Glitch the "gremlin" turned out to be an alien stranded on Earth, and he made himself invisible to everyone except Trevor (and "some children," Wikipedia helpfully tells us).

Eventually, in an adventure involving the Atomic Knight (!) he let Wonder Woman see him, and found a ride home.

Of of course, was promptly forgotten post-Crisis.

So can we bring him back in the nu52? To help Steve run JLA? Or maybe as part of the Green Team? Please?


David said...

Man, I was reading Wonder Woman back then, and I HATED that stupid little Gremlin. (Clearly the editors thought he was a brilliant idea, since there was even a contest in the letter pages to name him.) He couldn't disappear soon enough, and deserves to remain forgotten.

SallyP said...

Obviously, that's Itty's cousin.

The Hill said...

It's like Rocky IV - no one ever mentions that Paulie has a robot bride in it. You just have to find it out for yourself and go - WAIT, WHAAAAAT? How, WHY, did NO ONE mention this?

Tony said...

I betcha Zook could take him, two out of three.