Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Best Cover You've Never Seen--Galactic President Lincoln!!

A better ending for the Burton Planet Of The Apes?

Seriously, that's a pretty great cover by Ernie Colon and Dick Giordano.

Sadly, that's not representative at all of what happens in the story, which is the old chestnut where scientists from the future save Abe Lincoln...


Yup, our galaxy is locked in a great war against Galaxy 6 in 2241, and only the leadership of Abraham Lincoln can save us!!

Of course, it turns out that it's all a set-up, as...

...the evil shape-shifters of Galaxy Six are trying to get Lincoln elected, and then replace him with another clone, and rule us from within.

Fortunately, Lincoln learns the truth, reprograms the robot, and foils the plot. The same old story we've seen a million times...

The Unexpected #217 is from 1981. Yes, this story is written and drawn by Sheldon Mayer.

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