Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bold Fashion Choices--How Superboy Is Like Green Lantern

WARNING: You are going to see a costume so godawful ugly your eyes might melt. Combine that with a dollop of DC Science, and, well, your brain might melt a little bit after reading this post.

Anyway, it turns out that Kal-El's nu52 outfit is not the worst thing he's ever worn. It starts when Lana inspires Clark to get a new look for the new school year:

Exactly how many blankets did they wrap you in when they sent you to Earth, Clark?

Unfortunately, what was produced was the following monstrosity:


But when Superboy goes into action wearing the get-up, his powers begin to act oddly:

There are many, many more panels of this...let's just cut to the chase:

Really? How is that possible?

Prepare yourself for a delightful dollop of...DC SCIENCE!!

So a Kryptonian loses their powers if they wear yellow?!? So Sinestro could easily kick Superman's ass by encasing him in a yellow force field?? So Goldfinger could kill Clark Kent by covering him head to toe in gold paint??

Fortunately, this story has been long forgotten, or Geoff Johns would have found a way to work in the "yellow is the color of fear" nonsense in here to explain Superboy's performance issues...


Heh. Super-Streaker!!

From The New Adventures Of Superboy #18 (1981)


Prof. Chronotis said...
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Prof. Chronotis said...
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Prof. Chronotis said...

Oh, I've seen worse.

SallyP said...

Oh my...this opens up SO MANY IDEAS!

Heh heh.

Martin Gray said...

I really like yellow!

And well done, Geoff Johns now knows ...

You'd think Superboy might have excised all yellow, after this adventure.