Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back In The 70s, We Didn't Have To Import Our Teen Idols From Canada!

A reminder that every generation has its own Justin Bieber:

Oh, yes, Shaun Cassidy. If you weren't alive in the late 70s, you have no idea how young ladies' hearts were set aflutter every week when The Hardy Boys came on.

And it was all because of Shaun (it certainly wasn't because of the quality of the show). Oh, surely some liked Parker Stevenson--probably the era's version of goth chicks, who disdained the guy all the other women loved in favor of the older and seemingly more bohemian (looking), slightly less conventionally "gorgeous," somewhat less publicized and therefore more mysterious Frank Hardy.

But take it from one who had a younger sister--it was all about Shaun. With the show biz heritage (son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy! Half-brother of David Cassidy--Keith Partridge!!), the perpetually elfin looks, and the cover of seemingly every issue of Tiger Beat/Teen Beat/Whatever Other Beat, it was Shaun by a mile.

Of course, this didn't hurt, either:

Oh, Shaun, you dreamy sunovabitch!!

Ad from Archie #270 (1978)


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