Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quote Of The Week I--Frank Castle Has Odd Perceptions Of The Legal System

Daredevil: End Of Days is a long, bloated rip-off of Citizen Kane: in the future, Daredevil dies, and Ben Urich goes around to all of Matt Murdoch's friends and enemies to see if any of them know what his last word, "Rosebud" "Mapone," meant. (Still, in this hypothetical future, Elektra is a soccer mom, so there's that...)

Seriously, that's the entire mini-series so far--5 issues of the world's worst reporter running around and asking people what "mapone" means.

Well, in yesterday's #5, Urich finally gets around to visiting the Punisher, who is in prison. And Frank Castle gives us a Bendisian pile of word balloons explaining why Daredevil was a better hero than most:

Uh, Cambot, can we get a close-up here?

Hmm. Pretty much every trial, civil or criminal, has a winner and a loser. So if "a lawyer doesn't go into a courtroom unless he knows he can win," and every single time one of the lawyers who goes into a courtroom does not win...does that mean 50% of lawyers are idjits?

Of course, the analogy works, because Daredevil also never went into a fight unless he knew he could win...uhhh, well, not exactly. I mean, the dude's fought Doctor Doom before. He went into fights because they were necessary, or because they were the right thing to do.

So I guess the strained analogy doesn't really work at all. And Frank doesn't understand lawyers or heroes.

But at least he doesn't have a ponytail here...

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