Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Like The Drug Dealer Giving You Your First Fix For Free

OK, today I'm going to tell you a comic book that you have to go buy. And you have no choice.

The beauty part? It's free, so "buying" it consists of clicking a couple of buttons, and leaning back and enjoying while sipping hot cocoa.

reMIND is a graphic novel by Jason Brubaker, And it is really, really good.

And right now, Volume One of the saga is FREE on Comixology. FREE.

Now, we not talking some mere 10-page preview for free. Nope, you're getting some meat on the  bone here, as Volume 1 is 77 pages. That's a lotta free, methinks.

What's it about? To avoid spoilers (and trust me, you don't want the surprises spoiled), let me just cut and paste the Comixology description:

All Sonja wanted was to find her missing cat, Victuals, but when he washes up on the shore of her sleepy coastal town several days later with a head full of stitches and the startling ability to speak and no memory of how he got that way her quiet life is forever changed. Together they set out to solve the mystery of his disappearance, embarking on a journey that leads to a strange kingdom under the waves and into the heart of a royal power struggle, where the answer to Victual s true identity could save or doom them all!

That barely scratches the surface. This is an amazing book, pretty and exciting, with twist and turns you won't see coming and genre-mashing and, well, stuff.

77 pages, and it's free. So there's no risk!!

Well, there is one risk--it ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, and you like it so much you might feel compelled to get Volume 2, which actually costs actual money. But since Volume 2 is 89 pages for $9.99, you're getting a total long story of 166 pages for, well, cheap.

So do yourself a favor, and try this comic. It's creator owned, it's amazing. And did I mention Volume 1 is FREE???

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Mr. Whiskas said...

Snell, just finished reading it and you were right, a great read and for free. Wow. Thanks much for noting it for us!