Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Law Of Supply And Demand Is A Harsh Mistriss

If you read last week's award-winning Friday Night Fight, you know that Scrooge, Donald and the boys' pursuit of a rare quarter got them involved in a massive pie battle.

Ahh, but there's still the fate of the quarter to resolve, isn't there??

Donald, you see, clued Uncle Scrooge to the fact that certain rare coins could be worth more than face value. And, of course, McDuck overreacts...

So, prepare for the world's biggest media blitz, 1954-style!

And, annoying as the campaign is, it works!!

So, stashing away just one of those 25¢ pieces, Scrooge makes sure that none of the rest of those quarters can get back into circulation:

Well, after many, many pages of hijinks (including pie fights!), it's time for McDuck to cash in on his scheme, right?

Oh, sweet irony...

The moral of the story: having something worth ten skyrillion dollars means nothing if no can afford to buy it. [Editor's note--Which means, snell, that your plan to buy up every copy of Steeltown Rockers #1, and then destroy them all except one, is doomed to failure] [writer's note--shut up!]

Carl Barks teaches us economics in Uncle Scrooge #5 (1954)

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