Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Socratic Method!

What exciting assignment is the Bionic Woman on this month?

Color me hot for teacher!!

In a plot completely unlike The King And I, good old Oscar Goldman has sent Jaime Sommers to act as teacher for the children of the president in a young Southeast Asian democracy!!

Oh, and that dress? "Adapting herself to the customs of the land."

Anyway, it sounds like she's having problems schooling these punks in the finer nuances of democracy. Let's watch!!

Ah, there's the trouble maker!!

So, how does Jaime deal with this problem? The same way as Plato:

Bionics and threats!!

And the moral is...

And that's the story of American democracy!!

From Charlton's Bionic Woman #2 (1978)


PCabezuelo said...

Wait, isn't her bionic arm her right arm? Guess she's pretty powerful even without the bionics.

snell said...

oops...looks like Charlton owes you a No-Prize, sir!