Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still, It *Was* Better Than A Jeff Dunham Show...


If there is one simple rule in the world of early-20th-century Bavarian puppet-making, it's this:

No, fool, you were warned not to, but you do it anyway? Are you mental?

So, there was nothing "ominous" about it before, when your great-grandfather hid it and left you warnings of a "horrible fate"...but NOW it's ominous?? Talk about closing the barn door after the horses get out...

Next: the truest caption ever...

That is an awesome sight, dude!

Oh, wait, the son actually fled rather than help his father out? He left him to die?!?


Sigh...if only he had listened...

Still, if it only took one old man to take it out, pretty ineffectual devil puppet!!

So remember, and remember well--when you've been warned not to put together the devil puppet...DON'T PUT TOGETHER THE DAMNED DEVIL PUPPET!!

And kids, listen to your great-grandparents superstitious warnings...or you'll die!!!!

From The Hand Of Fate #16 (1953)

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SallyP said...

Sage advice, indeed.