Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Earth-WTF Style!!

It's Friday Night Fights time, and...

OK, I know that I earlier promised no more Aparo Brave & The Bold fights.

But you see, that was before Slay Monstrobot rebooted into nuSlay Monstrobot, which takes place on Earth-WTF. All prior promises were in a different reality, see, so they no longer count!!

So how can we tell we're on Earth WTF? Different geography, for one thing...

See, old Earth had the Devil's Triangle (aka The Bermuda Triangle), whereas Earth-WTF has the Dead Man's Quadrangle!!

Anyway, there's an illegal alien smuggling operation being run from the Dead Man's Quadrangle (spoiler alert: the author of the books making the DMQ too scary to enter is also the guy running the smuggling operation!!)

Batman flies out there to investigate...specifically:


If you had asked me to guess what Wildcat would do upon retirement, I not have come up with "move to Earth-1 and open a posh spa for rich and tired businessmen inside the Dead Man's Quadrangle." Not in a million years...

Oops, did I say Earth-1? I meant Earth-WTF...

One other thing you need to know about Ted Grant in this story:

So, naturally, they get captured. Still, in a real Earth-WTF inter-company crossover moment, Wildcat has to fight...Iron Fist!!

Oh. Wrong Iron Fist. Sorry. Anyway, fight!!

Geez, why isn't Wildcat putting up a better fight?

Oh, yeah, right. Bummer, that.

I wonder if anything could motivate Wildcat to fight again??

Iron Fist, glass jaw!!

Spacebooger is probably pissed because he used Wildcat last week. But this is the Earth-WTF Wildcat, so it's completely different!!

Pacifist Wildcat versus not-Danny Rand takes place in The Brave And The Bold #127 (1976), courtesy of Bob Haney and Jim Aparo.

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? It's been a really crappy week, and my ego could use the boost, that's why!! So go vote!!

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