Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just when You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Into The Comic Shop...

This ad appeared in a number of Marvel titles yesterday:

Come again?

Seriously, Marvel? The climax of AvX, the grand finale of the series "everything has been building to for ten years," the biggest event in the history of mankind...

...and the best you can do is crib the tagline from Highlander?

(Of course, they've already cribbed the plot from Highlander and Rising Stars, so why not, right?)

What's next? Will future Marvel events be advertised "In Space No One Can Here You Scream"??

Maybe "This Time It's Personal"?? "You'll Believe A Man Can Fly"?!? "Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates"?!?

C'mon, Marvel...that's just plain embarrassing in its laziness.


Dan said...

I'd be interested to know if you've been reading all of these. I have because I apparently hate myself. They are terrible. The Bendis hatred for dialogue or consistent characterization is all over it. I even tweeted Brubaker and told him it was awful which he, of course, did not answer because he's nt a crazy person complaining in a tweet.

Thoughts? I think it's a basic betrayal of every character involved.

snell said...

Dan, I'm not quite as harsh on it as you, having lived through worse Marvel events.

But yeah, AvX is padded, repetitive and not terribly good. Some issues have been better written than others--but that just makes the matter worse, as it heightens the problem of inconsistency.

And whether it's a case of too many cooks or Bendis contamination or no one at Marvel having the cojones to actually edit an "Architect," the continuity and characterization, even between issues of the main series, has been atrocious. Cyclops' reason for wanting Phoenix back is to restore the depowered mutants, so once they get the mutants restored, and the issue is never mentioned again. Namor goes to Wakanda because a captured mutant is being held there...and proceeds to flood the country without ever once even looking for said mutant.

Players shift motivations, even switching sides, without any explanation or rationale. And there are polar bears in Antarctica.

Marv said...

actually, they already used the "in space,EVERYONE will hear HIS scream" tagline in War of Kings, because of Black Bolt voice.