Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Freaky Friday Style!!

You know what we need more of for Friday Night Fights??

Body-switch fights!!!


This is kind of confusing, so follow closely: due to indecipherable magical shenanigans, Johnny Blaze's mind/astral self/whatever has been cast out of the Ghost Rider body, and placed in Doctor Strange's body!!

Meanwhile, inside the unnamed demon (they hadn't come up with this Zarathos stuff yet), Strange's astral self and the Dread Dormammu (as opposed to the Dredd Dormammu, and now I've got the best crossover in the history of man unfurling in my mind...) struggle for control of the body:

How's that working out for you, Johnny?

But the internal battle is distracting the demon a bit...



This one is for the ladies!!!


SOKK!!! Face of bone--meet fists of stone!!

Spacebooger can't help but picture this scene with Nic both roles!!

Roger McKenzie (script), Don Perlin (co-plot & art) and Bob Layton (inks) understand the appeal of a shirtless Dr. Strange in a mystical body-switch battle in Ghost Rider #31 (1978)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for me. Why? Come on--shirtless Doctor Strange!! Need I say more?? So go vote!

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notintheface said...

Wow, for someone who relies on non-physical abilities, Doc Strange is RIPPED!