Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday Bonus--Pilot For A New Series??

From the letters column in Tales To Astonish #98 (1967):

Well, it's long since settled that former hobo Namor's full name is indeed Namor McKenzie. So, Marlon Fields of Joplin, MO 1, Stan 0.

But what's more important, here, I think, is one phrase: "Odin Jones."

Man, that rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Odin Jones...Odin Jones....

Can't you just see it? Odin, amnesiac and exiled from Asgard, sets up shop as a private eye (appropriate for a guy who has one eye, and is all-knowing).

Working the dark back streets of the Marvel Universe to help those in need while seeking clues to his own identity, Odin Jones could be the new Jessica Jones (except, of course, Bendis won't get to ruin him by hitching to another, more popular character, making him sorta kinda join the Avengers (but not really), and spending 100% of his on-panel time being a worried mother).

Then, about eight issues on or so, Odin Jones could meet...Rufus "One Eye" "Super Midnight" Carter!! Because who's a better team-up for an amnesiac All-Father working the seamier side of Marvel than a one-eyed American English karate champ who runs an antique shop but is really a CIA operative but is now a man on the run from his own government while going freelance to help those in need?

And so popular would the team-up be, that soon they'd join in a permanent buddy team Power Man/Iron Fist type of arrangement. The book would be renamed "One-Eyes," as two one-eyed private dicks prove that one eye is better than two...when it's their eyes!! Odin Jones and Rufus Super Midnight Carter--one's an exiled god, one's a kick-boxing ex-CIA agent on the run--together they fight crime!!

Man, this so needs to become a Marvel NOW! book...

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Well, I'd buy it...