Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bold Fashion Choices--Still Better Than The nu52 Version

Lana Lang has a present for Superman! probably want to keep your day job, Lana.

Lois, certainly out of concern for Superman and not the least bit out of jealousy, raises an important objection:

Uhhh...jet engine exhaust is searing flames?!? What kind of planes are flying out of Metropolis airport?!?

Well, those costumers, despite being uglier than a babootch's butt, pass Superman's version of the John Cameron Swayze Timex Torture Test...and Kal-El is grateful!!

Well, Lois is jealous, but Lana counters with pop culture references!!

So how DID Lana come up with indestructible (and ugly) super-suits??


She had a genie make them for her!!

Except, of course, Vitar wasn't really a genie...he was a Kandorian who had fallen in love with both Lois and Lana from afar, and this was all a plan to get one of them to fall in love with him.

Oh, and that wasn't Superman who accepted the suits and kissed Lana...that was also Vitar, posing as Kal-El, as part of his over-complicated love scheme.

Oh, Silver Age, how we love you.

And now we know the likely origin of the nu52 costumes: a genie was trying to get Jim Lee to fall in love with him, and...

Oh, and speaking of's Green Arrow doing a watch commercial...

From Lois Lane #76 (1967)


MOCK! said...

I don't know what I like better....Lana's expression in the second panel or that I might start trying to work "Well I'll be a Kryptonian babootch" into my lexicon!

(or number three: babootch had no autocorrect option nor spellcheck error!)

snell said...

Make sure you use the more famous variant, as well: "Well, I'll be a three-eyed Kryptonain babootch!"

Siskoid said...

Where's Cat Grant when you need her to write a fashion column... or steal Superman from these two once and for all.

Stephen said...

Love struck genie is the best explanation I have heard for the entire New 52 so far.