Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pennies From Hell

One of the greatest lying covers of all time:

That cover is the exact opposite of the story, because, well...

For reasons that you have to promise not to ask, the Prankster is traveling around the country, breaking silly obscure and archaic laws in harmless ways.

Why? Hey, you promised not to ask. Trust me--you really do NOT want to know.

But stuffy old Superman isn't having any of this nonsense!!

But the crowd is having none of Superman's establishment bad trip!

And then came the greatest "I'm Spartacus" moment ever:

Now, Silver/Bronze Age Kal-El may have been the toughest hombre of all time, but along from kryptonite and magic, he had one very exploitable weakness: fear of public ridicule!!

So, great Neal Adams cover, but it kind of got the story 100% wrong. There was a law against putting pennies in your ear, and Prankster knew it!! Heck, that was key to his plan!!

What plan...? Hey, you promised not to ask!!

From Superman Family #184 (1977)


Martin Gray said...

Thank you, I've always wondered about that issue. But I don't believe Superman would lose it like that ... there's a twist, right?

snell said...

No twist, Martin. No mind control, no kryptonite. Superman was just pretty thin-skinned about public ridicule (hey, who isn't?).

notintheface said...

Why is the wall Supes is hitting splashing black ooze?

snell said...

The Venom symbiote was there, hoping to score some ear-wax covered pennies...