Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reverse Product Placement

A restaurant a couple of doors down from my place of work:

Ah, the movie that keeps on giving!!

(Unless, of course, they mean "be like Steed and Mrs. Peel," in which case, yay, as well!)

Makes you wonder if Joss Whedon & Marvel/Disney are getting a cut from every Shish Tawook or Fried Kibbee sold...


De said...

I thought it was a nice gesture by Whedon and Penn. Muslim-American businesses really took a hit after 9/11 and never really recovered. If the film truly inspired a moviegoer to try something new while supporting a local business, that's pretty awesome in my book.

Stephen said...

Heh. I thought that diner seen at the end if the movie was classic. Funny sign.