Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Can't Donald Trump Have This Guy's Luck?

There have been some lame motivations for villains...but this guy is maybe the lamest.

Uber-scientist/jack of all trades Noam Sythe has a beef with the media, as he opines to a trapped Superman:

Look, bro, finding a Dead Sea Scroll is certainly significant, but I'm thinking that even on a slow news day, it's not hitting the front page...

OK, I'm sorry that end of a war and the use of the most devastating weapon ever invented maybe--just maybe--is slightly more important than a breakthrough in seismology.

Now I'm getting pissed at this guy. We're so sorry that a national tragedy got in the way of your publicity.

Dude, you're an idiot.

I mean, serious props--you made major discoveries on D-Day and V-E Day AND Hiroshima Day, that's some major productivity there--but please stop whining about history "mocking" you. Get a better PR guy. Have your press conferences the next day instead.

And come on--you're still going to win Nobels and get the cover of Scientific American, right? Stephen Hawking was rarely on the front page of newspapers, but he's pretty damn famous. Write a book. Give some lectures. Get a PBS series.

Still, Sythe got his wish. After accidentally killing himself while trying to kill Superman (and almost blowing up the moon)...

But that wasn't quite enough irony for our story, so...

The Daily Planet needs better obituary headline writers, methinks...

From Action Comics #433 (1974)

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Siskoid said...

Hilariously self-serving, this guy!

I'm used to shouting "that's not how science works" at old Superman comics. And now there's a book I can shout "that's not how history works!" at.