Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've Been Waiting For This Comic Book My Entire Life

When I saw this on the new releasable shelf yesterday, well, you knew there was absolutely no way I could ever pass it up:

Richie Rich doing an homage cover to Giant-Size X-Men#1? Hells yeah.

Inside, Richie and pals enter a virtual reality game/training simulator/gadget only Richie could afford, and while they don't become the X-Men, they do become super-heroes:

Of course, an evil scientist loaded a virus in the program, all sorts of evil hijinks ensue, which requires a total reboot of the program, as they go from this... this:

The series is actually called Richie Rich: Rich Rescue according to the indica, even though that name appears nowhere on the cover or the story. The premise for our 2012 take on the richest kid in the world?

"A mix of James Bond and Indiana Jones with the bank account of Donald Trump..." guys do realize that Trump and his companies filed for bankruptcy multiple times? Maybe not the model for a wealthy man that you want to be using, is all I'm saying.


ShadowWing Tronix said...

Actually it's the fifth issue in the series (ever see my reviews of the first four?) and it's a pretty good one. Too bad they're not continuing it. :(

snell said...

Actually Ape Entertainment's website says that as of issue #5, it is "NOW AN ONGOING SERIES!"

So there you go :-)