Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday--Land Grab

I thought I had seen everything, and then I noticed this ad in Brave & The Bold #132 (1977):


Now, I never received "1 square inch" of Florida land as a Christmas gift, so perhaps this is presumptuous of me. But what a scam, am I right?

Still, there may be some opportunity here. Who knows, maybe this was actually real, and someone out there now owns one square inch of what later became Universal Studios Florida Theme park, or Tampa Bay's baseball stadium. The lawsuit possibilities are immense!!

So dig out those old "deeds," kids, and prepare for a massive class action suit. And don't forget Slay Monstrobot's 10% finders fee...


Martin Gray said...

I heard last week that theer's no legal requirement for truth in advertising in the States. That would explain the Sea Monkeys. or the lack of a giant Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman at Palisades Park.

snell said...

Forgive me, Martin, but that's completely untrue...although tiny ads in mere "comic books" might escape their notice, the federal government and all 50 states have statues preventing "false" and "misleading" and "deceptive" advertising.

Martin Gray said...

Well that's good news! I was misinformed by a top US comics podcast. Tut.

But I can never forgive you. Never!